Packing and Storage Tips

  1. Bigger is better! We understand that price is important, but it’s always better to have a little more space than not enough. Just imagine moving in, only to find out that the 10x10 you’ve rented is not big enough to hold the contents of your moving truck. Talk to one of our friendly storage professionals to let them help you decide on what space is best for you.

  2. Big stuff in the back. Smaller stuff in the front and in between some of the “dead space” around the large items you put in first.

  3. Clear plastic totes are better than the ones you can’t see though. Imagine you need something a few months down the road that you packed in one of the many totes you stored in your unit. Finding it will be A LOT easier if you can see what’s in them without having to unpack them all.

  4. Be specific when labelling! A box marked “Bedroom” only lets you know that the items go in a bedroom. Do they go in the master bedroom or one of the kid’s bedrooms? Are there sheets and bedding in the box or clothes?

  5. Leave a walkway! It’s a month later and you’ve got everything packed away in your storage unit. Your child’s school calls and needs documents from a doctor that you packed away at the back of your unit. Unless you leave a small walkway in the middle of your stored goods, you could have to unpack every single item in your unit just to get back to the box that you need.

  6. Boxes need to be the same size. Boxes that are all the same size are easier to stack and will make organizing your unit a lot easier. Also, remember to put heavy boxes on the bottom of your stack and lighter ones up top.

  7. DO NOT STORE: Food, flammable items, jewelry, important documents, irreplaceable items or heirlooms, furs, tires, firearms, explosives, drugs, paint, or any items that produce a strong odor.

  8. Tarps and palettes. If you are storing in an outdoor/non-climate-controlled space, throw a tarp or plastic cover over the entirety of your stored items. This will prevent dust from getting on your items over time as well as serving as an extra barrier against water leaks. Putting your items on a palette will keep them of the ground away from bugs and moisture as well.
  9. Break it down! If you have a table where the legs can be removed or a desk that can be disassembled, do it. This will give you more room for other items that can’t be broken down.

  10. DON’T USE A WIMPY LOCK! Many people assume that just because they’re storing at a facility with cameras, gates, and other security measures, their stored treasures are completely safe. Use a disc or cylinder lock if possible. These types of locks are harder for criminals to break into because they can’t be easily cut. Crooks like to get in and out as quietly and and quickly as possible. If you have a weak lock, it’s like putting a sign on your unit that criminals are welcome and should come on in. The good news? At Climate Storage our units ONLY take cylinder locks and you get one free just for being our customer!